3 de jun. de 2008

Noel Tyl interview

Noel Tyl will be in Lisbon in the weekend of 20 and 21st of September he will give a seminar totally devoted to his technique, “Vocations The New Midheaven Extension Process”. The aim of this interview, based on an idea of António Rosa from Escola de Astrologia Nova-Lis, is to present Noel Tyl concepts, a world renowned Astrologer who has made great contributions to the world the Humanistic Astrology.

The interview of this Master of Astrology was carried out by Ana Cristina Corrêa Mendes, Astrologer, a student of Noel Tyl and whose intention it is to improve the quality of Astrological client consultations in Portugal. This gives national Astrologers the opportunity to improve and incorporate new techniques that will enable the professional to provide a superior level of support. We live in a time of challenges and in all professional areas it is imperative that we improve our skills, and astrology is no different to any other field of expertise.
Will be as well a good opportunity to meet other astrologers from Europe and share different realities and backgrounds.

Ana Cristina - How has Astrology changed during your career? From when you began your studies to now, over 40 years time?
Noel Tyl - Everyone remembers the excitement of early study in Astrology; learning about a miracle is thrilling indeed!
But the astrology back when I began was filled with harsh judgments, polarities of evaluation, scary words like “afflictions and fate” were everywhere. Instinctively, I knew that astrology had to go beyond negativity and fear and control; the creative principle of life just didn’t work that way.
The individual was being left behind by a tidal wave of enforcement measurements: this means that, and that’s it! --From the very beginning, my holistic training as a psychologist came to the foreground. I had to do something about this!

AC - What became your contributions to help astrology into a new era?
NT - The first thing that helped to free my astrological conceptualizations was eliminating the word “affliction.” Of course, there are difficulties in life, just as stones in the soil are difficult for plants growing up and out to reach the sun --but the stones support the growth. I saw tension as necessary, as essential. I substituted the concept of “developmental tension,” which carries no value judgment whatsoever, for all the gloom and doom of strong aspects.
The vitally important consideration was how we managed developmental tension; this determined our behavioral values and maturation.
This led me into discovering Saturn-retrograde phenomenology, explaining this extraordinary astrological measurement in terms of dynamic paternal interaction. No one had ever thought of this before, and a major door was opened to a new analytical horizon. Psychology was brought into Astrology.
The maternal significances of the Lunar Nodal axis were another discovery, echoing, balancing, and complementing the Saturn-rx considerations.
I worked extensively with retrogradation to fashion the graphic, analytical observations of Hemisphere Emphasis.
And perhaps, chief among these considerations was my introduction of Psychological Need theory into the Sun-Moon blend and the planetary symbolisms. The Moon, energized by the Sun, defines the reigning Need of every individual. Needs make things happen; not planets. The planets symbolize those needs.
Additionally, I have modernized the predictive world of Solar Arc Theory. –All of this got me started within a new era, as you refer to it.

AC - What does Astrology now need for its future?
NT - That’s a very keen question; thank you! Let’s look at it this way: we don’t need any more measurements – we have all we can ever need; more than we can ever use. We have come a long way in relating the horoscope to the individual — read that carefully — rather than relating the individual to the horoscope and confining personal identity to what we know about astrology! Each horoscope comes alive through the life of the individual; the individual establishes levels of endeavor and fulfillment.
So what we need is learning … learning more and more about the human condition, and superimposing astrology’s symbology upon what we learn. We literally and figuratively bring Astrology to life.
Beginning astrologers and advanced astrologers must “beware the Internet” mentality of the Information Age, where we expect all the information we need to be there for us at the touch of a button, all of it displayed on one screen of light!
We must read, read, read books in all subjects. We must think rather than repeat. We must know as much as possible about the human condition.

AC - What advice do you give to new Astrology students?
NT - Above all, find a teacher or a Course of study that is humanistic, as opposed to fatalistic; where understanding replaces memorization and rigid dogma.
And next, build your communication skills, the way you are able to talk with others about life, utilizing what you learn. This is so very important. Using astrology to help others requires artful dialogue, telling word choice, and memorable conceptualization.
In the end, learning Astrology enriches the astrologer as well as everyone with whom she/he is in contact.
--Thank you very much for these insightful questions!

Noel Tyl
May 29 2008

Noel Tyl will be avalible for personal consultations on 18, 19, 22 e 23rd of September

To learn more about the seminar Noel Tyl.

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