27 de mar. de 2008

Noel Tyl in Lisbon

A Late-Summer Weekend With Noel Tyl in Lisbon Portugal!!!

Learn Vocational Profiling Technique using The sensational, new Midheaven Extension Process!!!20th-21st September 2008

We are what we do - work takes up more time in our life than any other activity - including sleeping! Jobs are important not just for survival but also for an individual sense of purpose. Guiding others in to a vocation or through a change of vocation is one of the most crucial services an astrologer can provide.

Be with us and learn this fascinating process, a much needed analytical technique that will forever enrich your astrology with vocational counseling skill, helping you to be the best astrologer you can be!

Over the course of the weekend Noel Tyl will focus on:

* Bringing the MC symbolically to life through "extending it" in creative ways

* The sign and condition of the MC ruler

* Dispositor Dynamics and Powerful Planetary Placements

* Aspects with the MC

* Stelliums, Key Measurements and Mutual Reception

* The Oriental Planet

* Capturing the focus of the reigning need of the personality for fulfillment

Bring along your chart, follow the steps, watch and learn ... it may change your life forever!

Remember: there is no more important service an astrologer can provide than vocational channeling! And finally, through Noel Tyl's
Midheaven Extension Process, we have a way to manage this responsibility and help people live more fruitful, thrilling lives!!

[Noel Tyl will be available for Consultation in Lisbon on the 18th, 19th, 22nd and 23rd of September. To schedule an appointment or for information please contact anaccmendes@hotmail.com]

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Anônimo disse...

I do agree: we are what we do. So, we must be careful of what we want to be and do.